Agency system
for online casinos

BGS is a casino agency system that allows agents to increase their income by creating their own network of sub-agents. Agents control and manage their gaming halls, as well as the balance of their sub-agents.

Advantages of the agency platform

For Agents
For Agents
Agents have the ability to customize their rates and set their own commissions, adjust the RTP of slot games, regulate the odds in the sports line, allowing them to control their business and increase profits. In addition, agents can monitor sales statistics and receive support from our team, which helps them grow their business and improve its efficiency.
For casino owners
For casino owners
For online casino owners, this business model also has its advantages. The agency platform allows them to attract new customers, increase sales volume, and control the balances of the entire agent network. Additionally, it helps to raise brand awareness and improve its reputation in the online casino market.

The advantages of this business model for agents and online casino owners include:

Comprehensive range of provided services: slots, sportsbook, poker rooms, virtual sports.
Ability to control the business and manage their sub-agents and gaming halls.
Opportunity to customize rates and set their own commissions.
Monitoring sales statistics and receiving support from the agency platform team.
Increasing sales volume and profits.
Enhancing brand recognition and improving its reputation in the online casino market.
The agency platform in online casinos helps agents and online casino owners achieve greater success and increase profits.

Casino agency platform opportunities from BGS

Our online casino agency platform provides a multitude of features and opportunities for agents that help them manage their business more effectively. 

Some of the most important capabilities include:

Balance management
Agents can easily manage their credit balance, replenish it, and transfer the credit balance to their agency and sub-agency accounts. This allows them to control their finances and ensure the stability of their business.
Monitoring statistics
Agents can track the statistics of their sub-agents, including the number of sold gaming credits, revenue, game logs, sports bets, and much more. This feature allows agents to analyze the effectiveness of their business and optimize their sales strategies.
Setting rates and commissions
Agents can customize their rates and set their own commissions according to their needs and business model. This allows them to control their profit and increase it, as well as attract more customers.
Support from the agency platform team
Agents receive support from the agency platform team, which helps them in resolving any issues or problems that arise when working with the platform. This enables agents to develop their business without any obstacles.

How to become an online casino agent?

Do you want to become an online casino agent and start earning from the sale of gaming services? Our platform from BigGame Solutions offers you a simple and reliable way to start your business in the gaming industry. To become an agent on our platform, you need to follow a few simple steps:
First, fill out a request on our website, providing your contact information and a brief description of your business. We will get in touch with you shortly to familiarize you with the working conditions and agree on the details of the collaboration.
After this, we will provide you with access to your personal account, where you can manage your business and monitor sales. In your personal account, you can set up tariffs, manage your balance, and monitor sales statistics. We will also provide you with marketing and advertising tools that will help you attract new customers and increase sales.
Before you start selling gaming services, you need to deposit funds into your balance. We offer various ways to replenish your balance, such as bank transfers, electronic wallets, and payment systems. Choose a convenient method for you and deposit the required amount into your balance.
And now, you are ready to start working on our platform and earning money by selling gaming services. We are always ready to help you with any questions and provide support throughout the entire period of cooperation. Become a part of our team of agents and start your successful business in the gaming industry!

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