Bonus System

Setting up an online gambling site you have a fair shot at establishing a successful enterprise on the Internet. Currently, the number of people interested in online gambling is growing and, according to the experts, this trend is going to continue for a while.

Increasing demand leads to the ever-growing number of Internet casinos and competition getting tougher. A good way to get an edge in this battle, attract new clients, and boost the loyalty of the existing ones is by implementing a bonus program.

Without a high level of expertise, working out a bonus program can take a long time, therefore it's more sensible to delegate this task to the professionals. BGS can help you create an excellent bonus program that will guarantee the boost in popularity of your resource.
How Does it Work?
BGS provides a technical solution designed to offer a flexible system of bonuses to your clients. The system works autonomously, without the need to manually control it. The system is connected to a casino platform via API, which makes it compatible with any type of online casino technical implementation.

The bonus program offers the following types of bonuses:
Deposit Bonus
Deposit bonuses are given to the players depositing money in the casino for the first time. This kind of bonus is good for attracting new clients. The bonus size can depend on the sum a client brought to the casino.
Match Bonus
Such bonuses are paid to the players as a reward for specific actions. For example, if a player invited his friends to the casino via a referral link. An additional appeal of match bonuses is in the players' ability to receive them multiple times.
Signup Bonus
Users who just signed up on the casino can be granted signup bonuses. Two things are worth keeping in mind about signup bonuses:

Such bonuses are provided even before players deposit money on their accounts

Signup bonuses burn automatically after a certain period of time
No Deposit Bonus
No deposit bonuses are cashable bonuses that don't require players to spend any money to be claimed. Usually all it takes is registering an account and providing email address.
Reload Bonus
Reload bonuses are given to the players who deposited money on their online casino accounts the second time. The size of bonuses can be proportional to the size of the deposited sum. Reload bonuses are the most useful to the sites already having an established customer base.
Casino Bonus Codes
Promo code is a special sequence of letters and numbers allowing users, by typing it into a special field on the site, to receive various bonuses and discounts. Promo codes can be distributed via mailing lists, and they are usually related to certain events or promo campaigns.
Wagering Free Bonuses
These bonuses can be cashed out, in other words, players can withdraw that money from their casino accounts, given that a number of conditions implied by the gambling platform policies are met.
Free Spins
Newly registered players may have an option to take a free spin at slots. If the free spin wins a player can be granted an additional bonus.
Cash Back
Cash back means a player getting back part of the sum spent at the casino.
VIP Bonus
Such bonuses are granted as a reward to regular customers or players depositing a substantial amount of money on their casino accounts.
High Roller Bonus
These bonuses are provided to the players placing high bets. Normally the minimum stake making a player liable for this kind of bonus is about $1000.
Good Will Bonus
A casino owner can implement custom bonuses determining their size and what conditions have to be met for the players to receive them.
Want to attract new clients and encourage the existing ones? The BGS bonus program will help you with that!

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