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The gambling business is part of a complex yet highly profitable industry. Launching a casino from scratch takes time, gaining loyal gamers, and building an excellent reputation. To skip the problematic part, here is our solution to help you start an online casino platform and have your own virtual casino with a minimal investment in time and money. BGS is here at your service at a reasonable price. An essential part of launching a successful online gambling platform is the integration of popular casino games from reliable developers. BGS will assist you in this process.

API Integration

API stands for an Application Programming Interface, which is required for game integration. If you wish to see only quality games from the best-ranking gaming providers on your platform, you really need the help of an API. Installing the games one by one makes the task almost impossible. To create a casino in a timely manner, it is better to install all the available gaming content in one go. Each game has unique features and components that might have errors once installed on your website. This would be an instant turn-off for a gamer.
To avoid such inconveniences with games, buy a ready-made service that can supply your casino with gaming integration via API protocols that match the specifics of the gaming platform. In addition, such synchronization will simplify every casino gaming process and consume less time.
The entire line of gaming solutions can be easily integrated using a single API. In addition, it brings convenience to game operators and casino owners. With this technology, adding modern gaming slot machines, bingo, scratch cards, and live games to your casino is very easy.
Save time, reduce costs, and avoid the administrative burden of negotiating and signing separate contracts with multiple gaming providers. In addition, our service allows us to reduce the due diligence process for operators significantly.

How Does the Integration Work?

BGS will fulfill your order in several easy steps:
Gather information about the online casino in the form of a briefing. Request additional data about the features of the gaming platform and details that be helpful in the development;
Test the gaming platform using a special gamer account;
Perform the casino API integration process;
Select best games for the requirements of your gaming platform, the desires of your audience, and your personal preferences from popular and trustworthy providers;
Run tests on these games;
Set game configurations;
Launch the entire gaming platform.

Advantages and Key Features

Developing a really successful casino project is a tough task. To succeed in the gaming industry, you need to consider many aspects. Professional developers need to integrate each game into the online casino and avoid troublesome spots. The BGS team is ready to perform your integration regardless of the complexity. The gaming end-product will function smoothly, so your clients will leave only positive feedback. We only embed gaming software from proven game operators like BetSoft, NetEnt, Amatic, Microgaming, and others. We currently have contacts with 20 licensed game studios and continue engaging more new ones. Thus, we offer any gamer over 1,500 games to choose from to add to their casinos, like Baccarat, Live Poker, Blackjack, and many more. Besides, we have other benefits for any gaming platform:
Mobile CompatibilityMobile Compatibility Full compliance with different devices Any game will function perfectly on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.
Customer ServiceCustomer ServiceEasily reachable customer care. Just contact our specialists at any convenient time. Our managers are always here to help and provide guidance and explain any gaming specifics. We will even support you after the project is finished.
Best Casino Software ProvidersBest Casino Software ProvidersWe only work with reliable and popular casino software providers. We only work with proven and licensed gaming software providers, which helps any gamer feel more secure without worrying about the legitimacy of the games. We have all the agreements done, so you do not need to look for ways to become partners with these top suppliers of games independently.
SecuritySecurityComplete data protection The best provider seldom cooperates with newbies on the gaming market. Thus, such startups can end up buying software from less trustworthy and reliable suppliers. This makes your website less secure against fraud and scamming activity. By purchasing a ready-made solution, you receive a ready integration with the most viable software and have an opportunity to equip your platform with quality games that are fully protected against fraudsters. Each gamer will have a guarantee to grab their winnings almost in a blink of an eye.
Most Popular Online Casino GamesMost Popular Online Casino GamesThanks to the API, it is much easier to have games integrated into the casino platform. Now you have access to the most desired ones, like Poker, Roulette, Slots of all kinds, and more. It is a chance to attract amateurs and professionals all the same. A wide range of entertainment options can bring you a more comprehensive range of gamers, so if you plan to create a casino for a broader target audience, BGS comes in handy.

BGS Casino Management System

The API system will allow us to gather a really good set of games, build a user-comprehensive gaming interface with convenient control panels, withdrawal options, and other viable options, even implement a bonus system. Our casino games integration solution allows operators to increase the appeal of their website by adding new games ,integrating live casino, betting, financial transaction solutions, as well as a standalone bonus system and a range of other products, as quickly and seamlessly as possible. In addition, the casino API integration lets you quickly enter newly regulated markets with country-appropriate gaming content.

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Before you make your mind up, we offer a special opportunity to try a demo version of the casino for free, test each game and see how well it functions. So, contact us to check out today's offers for online casino development.

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