Why White Label Casino Is Better Than Standalone?


The term “White Label” initially came from the music industry when the studios sent promos of new albums to radio stations in plain white envelopes. In other words, DJs and the audience didn’t know who was behind the album, which helped to avoid any sort of bias while assessing its quality.

Later the term “White Label” started being used in reference to products manufactured without branding. Such products are shipped to retail distributors “as is,” in other words, for example, if it’s shampoo it’s a generic shampoo, without any label or consumer impressions attached to it. Retailers brand such products themselves thus associating a certain product line in customers’ perception with their own name. Besides, unbranded products are cheaper, and retail chains have an ample ability to market and promote those products.

Similarly, a “White Label” online casino is a finished software product that’s sold or leased to the final customer who can run it under his own brand.

White Label Casino Benefits

Compared to the process of building a unique online casino from scratch, buying or leasing a White Label casino is cheaper and faster. Such casino software for sale is normally made by companies specializing in building this kind of platforms with a large experience in this area.

This might seem similar to the turnkey casinos but there’s an important difference. Turnkey casinos come complete with design and branding – it makes it easier for casino owners to market them but, at the same time, it limits their creative potential to develop an original style and flavor. White Label platforms lack this limitation since those are strictly technical solutions, and casino owners have the full freedom in building and marketing their unique casino brands.

This can be especially important considering that the White Label casino can be used to power already established and popular casino brands. Typically, it can be a way for a casino owner to migrate to a more modern and technically sound platform, without losing the benefits of a well-promoted brand.

The most crucial aspect worth considering, while deciding whether to choose White Label solution or build a new casino from scratch, is time. The speed of deployment is important on the market replete with multiple contenders, and underlying technologies getting obsolete in a blink of an eye. Since the White Label platform is the ready-to-go solution it ensures the minimum time spent on technical aspects. It can become a vital competitive advantage.


Another important advantage of buying or leasing a White Label casino is that the licensing process is handled by the White Label casino provider. Online gambling licensing takes money and time – in fact, it’s a grueling bureaucratic quagmire that can also be quite complicated due to the amount of paperwork and multiple stringent requirements regarding both the casino software and company operations. One of the massive drawbacks of trying to obtain a gambling license on your own is that the whole process takes a lot of time. On the other hand, the White Label casino providers normally offer solutions already including gambling licenses. Once again, speaking of the importance of time, any delay gives an edge to competitors.

The Platform

Another benefit of White Label is the technically sound platform. White Label casino providers specialize in the technical implementation of online gambling solutions; they spend quite a lot of time on polishing and streamlining their end product, eliminating any possible technical issues and bugs. Also, such technical solutions are up to date, with an additional benefit of being compatible with a wide range of devices. The quality of the platform furthermore minimizes the potential problems with licensing authorities and gaming software providers.

Games and Game Providers

Compiling the right selection of games for an online casino can be a daunting task on its own, especially for those new to the game, and it’s further exacerbated by the fact that it can be hard for newbie casino operators to establish partnership and collaboration with leading game providers. The latter are wary of working with the beginners, and sometimes casino owners resort to dealing with questionable third-tier game providers. The sub-par quality of games can, in turn, irrevocably damage casino reputation. Buying or leasing a White Label casino solution can effectively eliminate this problem since such platforms already feature a selection of games made based on expert knowledge of the gambling market. Besides, White Label casino providers normally have well-established cooperation with leading game producers, so their clients don’t have to worry about the quality of games they get. Plus, for them, it comes cheaper than dealing with game producers directly.

Technical Support

Another major headache associated with standalone – unique, built from the ground up – casinos is technical support. Since such a technical implementation is non-standard it’s difficult to ensure any kind of quality maintenance, plus it requires keeping well-paid technical specialists on the payroll, which increases the costs of running this business. White Label casino providers ensure technical support of their platforms, besides it’s more likely that the White Label gambling platform will have fewer technical issues, to begin with.

Marketing and Promotion

In addition to technical services, White Label casino providers often offer marketing and promotional services, assisting in taking new casino brands off the ground. In fact, White Label casino providers are highly interested in the success of their clients since they eventually get a share of their profits.

White Label Casino Cons

One of the drawbacks of choosing a White Label casino is that this will be a casino based on a standardized technical solution. In other words, in some way, it will be similar to many other casinos on the Internet built based on the same White Label platform. White Label platforms allow limited customizations but sometimes in order to implement some truly unique features and ideas, it may require a full-fledged, built from scratch, standalone casino.

Another disadvantage of leasing the White Label casino platform compared to the standalone casino is that, in addition to initial costs, the White Label casino provider will take a regular share of your casino profits. The inability to modify the platform code can also become an impediment reducing the flexibility and the freedom of maneuver of your business.

White Label platforms is a good way to speed up the deployment of your gambling business, without limiting your ability to establish and promote your own unique brand. It also helps to eliminate difficulties related to licensing and technical aspects of an online casino operation. There are drawbacks related to the limited customization and White Label casino provider fees but, in general, it’s a good approach giving an online casino higher chances to make it in the competitive gambling field.

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