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Want to run your own casino gaming platform? Looking to become a pro in the industry? It is time to select a provider. Buy a Turnkey solution. Launching gambling and sportsbook businesses in no time can be easy and fast. Register your domain, and let us do the rest. We will create a powerful Turnkey platform for you.
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What Is a Turnkey Casino Website?

A Turnkey online casino is a specialized software package that allows you to release your own gambling solution projects according to your preferences. The Turnkey solution offers customizable settings to further adjust your website's parameters. The Turnkey casino platform's main features are
The website may operate in many languages to go global;
It welcomes online fans of sportsbooks, classic casino games and virtual sporting events;
An integrated referral program for Turnkey online casinos is there to help with the promotion of your resource
Turnkey provides a practical solution for iGaming business process development. A ready Turnkey casino website also assists you with building your online trustworthy and reliable online casino brand with a band of loyal followers. It works smoothly and steadily to increase business popularity and create a friendly atmosphere for your users.

BGS Turnkey Casino Solution Perks

Turnkey casino software has a lot to offer if you are new to the sector. Since we only cooperate with well-known online operators whose games and events have a fan base, it won’t be difficult for you to promote your Turnkey casino. Here is a list of bonuses you obtain along with the ready casino project:
Turnkey solutions enable the speedy launch of an online casino website. Our solution includes everything for the successful creation of a casino Turnkey solution with customization based on your requirements.
Legitimate operation. All necessary documentation and certifications are pre-established and entirely legitimate. This allows you to manage a legal gambling business.
Turnkey solutions employ the best experts in software development. We only work with skilled specialists with the proper background and experience.
Payment systems
Fast and trustworthy Turnkey payment methods. We analyze your inventory online and provide a selection of suitable ready-made payment systems to allow your clients to deposit money into their accounts.
Individual Approach
Turnkey solutions have an individual approach to every online order. While creating your casino project, we supply you with all the information you require about the development. According to your expectations, we can rebuild or create a unique product from scratch with the options you desire to see after your Turnkey casino solution is ready.
High-Quality Games
Turnkey gaming software from top certified operators.
Priority Support
Turnkey assistance. Our team is professional and here to help at any time because your casino is open around the clock worldwide, and players always have questions, so we’re always online and ready to help our customers.
Marketing and Promotion
Turnkey solutions active platform boosting. Your solution has many integrated marketing tools that allow you to promote your resource without encountering any problems. There’s no need to spend much time on this; allow your users to be a part of an affiliate program or talk about their online experience with your platform on social networks.
Low price
The best deal. You can build a prospective online casino Turnkey solution without investing much money. Our prices are reasonable and affordable. Check our special offers and bonuses, save time, and get your Turnkey solutions for an attractive price.

How Does a Ready-Made Turnkey Casino Work?

A Turnkey online casino: Grants access to more than 4,500 casino games; Offers over 6,400 sporting events; Features 25,000 live streaming options. Turnkey is ready to provide a website that you can utilize for creating a Turnkey online casino for the sale of your entertainment concept in return for a reasonable commission. It is like renting a house but much cheaper. With a Turnkey solution, we offer impressive functionality and casino templates built on HTML5, PHP, and Java. Alongside the latest tech, we provide the following solutions:
Launch of the company project for iGaming resources without a significant financial outlay with a Turnkey solution.
Turnkey solutions for a casino business start right after the sale.
Collaboration with the top casino and sporting providers for your convenience.
The compatible design of Turnkey solutions look good on any screen resolution.
The Turnkey solutions website features modules for client engagement.
Turnkey supports the most popular casino payment and withdrawal methods. This ensures faster financial optimization.
A wide range of games and streaming events are available for your Turnkey casino business.
Turnkey solutions provide functional support for the website.
Get access to clear and comprehensible analytics of the casino, promotional links to other sources and even advertising through various tools.
Turnkey provides control over all casino halls and players.
The turnkey solution operates smoothly on any device.
Tempting casino bonuses and referral program solutions are available.

BGS White Label Casino Solution

Buying an online Turnkey casino is cost-effective because you purchase a working solution. The team is here to adjust and set the parameters, so users will enjoy your own platform on any device.
Сreation of a Turnkey online casino will release you from the burden of performing online integration yourself, from design to development stage of the website and concluding agreements with payment and gaming providers. We do all that for you. You just have to select the provider, and you get access to all its casino games on one of the best websites.

We offer the best Turnkey solution for steady business:

Unique Design

The Turnkey solution features an outstanding design for an online project is suitable for engaging new clients in a casino.

Reliable Platform

Get a perfectly functional Turnkey online casino website. Your casino is protected from fraud and scams, all transactions are secured, and the platform is stable, with operator support that guides users and processes messages at any time. Turnkey solutions are the best option for starting a business.

A Licensed Online Casino Business

A license is a fundamental part of any successful Turnkey gambling website. It allows you to make sure that your casino business is absolutely legit. It increases trust among your clientele and makes you a high-profile, professional, Turnkey platform with acceptable terms and conditions that maintain a certain level of protection and reliability. We know how tiresome it is to get your license in a particular jurisdiction, but with a Turnkey online casino business, you acquire one as a part of the deal. We provide a Malta license alongside some others. Opt for a ready-made project for better customer engagement. Learn more details to get acquainted with our privacy policy.

Income from a Ready-Made Online Casino

A Turnkey online casino provider guarantees you quick income because a ready solution is cheaper, and it does not take as much time to build as creating a project from scratch. The monthly income from an online gambling site usually depends on the number of visitors it gets and its popularity. Building your own website, will need time and constant marketing for your platform to be well-known to players and proven platform for sports betting, which might lead to money before before gaining revenue. Turnkey casino integration is an innovative solution that lets you start earning from the first day your casino is launched. Buy your first Turnkey casino solutions online for a great price. The most common metrics to follow here are:
NGR. This is the net income that you can calculate by subtracting all player winnings, bonuses and taxes from the sum of the bets placed.
GGR. This stands for Gross Gaming Income. You have to find out the difference between the betting sums versus players' winnings on the website.

What Is the Cost of a Turnkey Solution?

The total cost of a Turnkey casino platform will be  calculated based on these factors:
The number of Turnkey games you request to be added to the resource;
The selection of the payment methods in the casino;
The rent of the casino domain names and hosting service charged for the Turnkey;
Reachable online connections with users via Skype and other social networks;
The types of devices on which you need the casino to function.
Basic casino package includes the development of the software platform for games and the acquisition of the license. Other parameters of the Turnkey solution can be regulated by your specific requirements. We maintain full online consulting and management services to build a powerful end-product.

Number and popularity of featured games
Whether the user interface is adapted for laptops, smartphones, or both
Number and type of integrated payment systems
Costs of hosting and domain name lease

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Turnkey Casino Platform

The Big Game Solution online casino includes an intuitive management dashboard allowing you full control of your gambling site: configuring system parameters, overseeing financial operations, etc.

Customer Service

We stay in touch with our clients during the whole process of development and afterward. Whatever questions you might have, our specialists will answer them 24/7
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