BGSPAY reports: COVID pandemic increase popularity of online games around the world


A detailed study of information coming from BGSPAY e-payment wallets shows a sharp surge of user interest in online games around the world. Pandemic, quarantine measures are stimulating the growth of gambling platforms popularity and online betting.

Analysis of statistical data for 2020 on e-payments in BGSPAY shows that there are 70% more sellers of services using the platform and more than 100% of users. The number of various transactions through BGSPAY wallets in comparison with 2019 has grown by almost one hundred percent. The total amount of transferred funds jumped by 150% compared to 2019.

The owners of the company are sure that a sharp increase in turnover directly depends on the introduction of quarantine measures in different countries forcing people to stay at home. An example is the Asian region, where since January 2020, with the start of the pandemic and the introduction of strict quarantine, the average value of deposits has doubled. Sitting at home, people are forced to use online games for recreation and entertainment.

March 2020 brought BGSPAY  a two-fold increase in profits over the same period in 2019. This is exactly the time when countries drove a lockdown en masse, and it was possible to leave the house only with special passes.

Mark Xander, who is serving BGSPAY customers, in one of his interviews points to the direct impact of the pandemic on the jump in profitability. The company did not change its marketing policy in any way, but there was an increase in the number of operations. People, frightened by the news about the number of deaths, the growth of cases’ numbers, had to stay at home. To relieve psychological stress from the situation with COVID infections, many began to actively study online games. Thousands of people subscribed to the secure wallets almost instantly to place bets or play online. Our cashback offer turned out to be the most attractive at that time, which also gave such results.

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