The Grand Lithuanian debut of Ezugi


A part of Evolution Gaming Group which is also known under the name of Ezugi has announced its launch in Lithuania, adding by that another country to its list of presence on the popular gambling markets all over the world. Over the coming weeks it plans to stabilize the presence and go live with the most influencing operators, becoming the first global live dealer to start business in this country.

It is already known that the games picked for launching will be pretty classical – like live blackjack, roulette or baccarat with several variations coming up later. And everything was carefully observed by the government with careful check-ups and approvals to the testing standards, so that during releasing there were no problems with launchings and getting the proper certifications. And now Ezugi made its portfolio available for overview to various operators in Lithuania who want their live dealer titles being streamed all over the world in high definition.

It was a long-term campaign for Ezugi to get to the Lithuania’s market, as, by their analysis, it is able to keep the tremendous potential and high profit, and along with that they continue to grow an influence among the players from different corners of the planet. With achieving the certification the company got a great boost in popularity as the one who offers innovative and high-quality content for both mobile and web platforms.

The Business development director of Ezugi, Pang Goh, stated the next things: “With our key partners of Lithuania we are genuinely happy that the launch in this country should be totally successful and the fact we got a secured certification only adds more delight to the situation – now there are no obstacles for setting the preparations in final release with our partners. Our team has made a great contribution into making this idea come true, as they put all their efforts into making the games that meet even the highest standards and ensured the others into the professionalism the Ezugi. Getting approvals in our methods and quality is the key point of the reason why our company is getting such rapid growth – this is our main driving force and obtaining certifications on the most influent markets prove the title of leading live dealer provider. And as the market of Lithuania continues to develop with its massive potential, we believe that our live dealer can become a significant base for establishing it”.

Lithuania’s certification came shortly after Ezugi was approved by regulations on Isle of Man, in Estonia and Bulgaria, but with its pace of popularity increase this is only a matter of time when there will join the next country.

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