BGS represents Ocean Devil Entertainment System on ICE London 2020

BGS represents Ocean Devil Entertainment System on ICE London 2020

On the latest ICE London exhibition BGS provider introduced brand new arcade games series named Ocean Devil. This is the first product presented in format of skill gaming by our company, and we expect it to be loved by all kinds of players.

Apart from being a game where you can relax and enjoy its mechanics, the Ocean Devil Entertainment System allows to get some pleasant bonuses in real life. Depending on the winning score, the player has a possibility to earn money by shooting sea monsters appearing on the computer screen. And the main point is that you get the prize not because of pure luck, but of your gaming experience and skills gained from various sources.

In general, skill gaming format becomes more and more popular with each day, directly orientated on needs of modern gamers. Today’s generations ask more not for simple and unreliable gaming slots, but for the actual games in which the winner is determined by the level of skills he has.
One more uniqueness of  Ocean Devil is hidden in its status. It became one of the first official hybrid games, what actually means that there is a symbiosis of gamers’ experience and chance which later determine a final result. That gives an adrenaline to the gaming process and appeals you to playing this game more for achieving the higher result.
It was confirmed that BGS’s hybrid game system Ocean Devil is completely ready for integration with any casino platforms.

And that is why on ICE London exhibition the sides reached an agreement in releasing the game on several popular casino websites in the nearest times. There is currently a stage of integrating the system, so be ready to meet it in the first rows – cheer your players with innovative gaming systems! Send us a notice and start integration of new gaming system on your sites right now!

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