Ezugi is issued three more licenses in new markets

Ezugi is issued three more licenses in new markets

Ezugi, a well-known gameplay provider, whose large portfolio is seamlessly integrated on our Biggame Solutions platform, has recently been certified in three more areas: Bulgaria, Estonia, and the Isle of Man. This has made a useful contribution to its impressive performance and expansion to the legislated markets.
Dealing with licensed operators is an essential international practice. Current licenses have been awarded by the respective policy-making bodies upon successful meeting all the checking standards for each country. Since gambling legislation is frequently changing, gaming licensing becomes an important way of obtaining the maximum exposure and greater revenue.

This will enable certified operators from different areas to build fruitful partnerships with Ezugi. Being fully licensed would also create a fertile ground for the best studios to stream Ezugi’s HD games across continents. Thanks to the cooperation with Ezugi its partners will be able to provide their patrons with the most advanced games of their new business associate.
Obtaining overall certification clearly demonstrates the technological potential and the remarkable transparency of the company that is aiming to win the global gaming market. With its 9 studios and more than 100 operators around the world, Ezugi has already built a pretty successful business model based on consistent marketing and creative, generous product offerings.

According to the Ezugi’s Business Development Director Pang Goh, “Adding three new legislated markets to our licensing collection is a convincing proof of our global expansion. Our spreading European and global networks are speaking for themselves and showing that we will go long into the future”.
“Estonia, the Isle of Man, and Bulgaria provide great online dealing opportunities for Ezugi, its partners, and its ever-widening client database. Our team has been working very hard for making this happen, and we are looking forward to an early entry to another five legislated markets in the near term.

This interview was given shortly after the recent partnering of the Ezugi and BlueRibbon Software that will allow game players to enjoy the forthcoming release of innovative Jackpot Roulette title with its online’s first-ever progressive jackpot.

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