Intents of Parimatch for Ukraine gambling industry on its early stage of legalization

Intents of Parimatch for Ukraine gambling industry on its early stage of legalization

After the Bill 2285-d about launching the process of legalization of gambling industry was signed by the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, an international betting and technology company named Parimatch has confirmed its plans on bidding for new operating licenses in Ukraine.

This company was founded in 1994 and proved itself to be one of the most progressive bookmaker companies on the territory of CIS region, as it became the first company that transited the business into a digital variation. Nowadays Parimatch became an elite brand for betting which spread the influence all over the world, and now it plans to expand the popularity on the homeland of Ukraine to state itself as the largest and most innovative among operators.

The CEO of Parimatch platform, Sergey Portnov, while commenting on the establishing of the document, said this: “First of all, I would like to congratulate the President Zelenskyi for making first steps on the way of legalizing of gambling industry in Ukraine. This has proven he keeps the word given, and we support with all our heart the agenda on liberalizing the country economy. And from our side, we have been saying for a long time that regulating the betting industry on a government level can greatly benefit Ukraine”.

And this is truly a great benefit for country economy, as betting and gambling industry involve a lot of money, which now will partly support the budget and can further influence on payments for socially unstable classes that require the help of the government or entrepreneurs who work for the sake of developing the native production. The positive moments are undeniable in their advantages, so it would be impractical to forget about it and let it be hidden again in the shadows.

But now there stands another question – about regulation of tax percentages, what later expressed the Parimatch CEO:
“We are ready to do our best in making the product that can satisfy every visitor of Ukraine and dominate on the home market. It is also out of question that we are proud of introducing the possibility of contributing to the local economy, but there is a thing that can become problematic. For keeping long-term beneficial relations we need more stable tax system, as the current one is way too punitive and unfair in comparison with international standards. We hope that this question will be overviewed as soon as possible, so that both sides could be satisfied and support each other in these uneasy times”.

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