Mobile or not Mobile: Advantages of mobile casino games

Mobile or not Mobile: Advantages of mobile casino games

Mobile gambling is steadily gaining popularity with a fast-growing fan base becoming one of the popular ways to pass time and have some fun. The recent strides in tech development as well as the changing mindset of players have significantly contributed to this positive trend. Here are 7 main reasons why mobile gaming is experiencing its current boom


Mobile devices are available and cheap

These days it might be challenging to find a person not owning a smartphone. Mobile devices are ubiquitous and cheap, with their capabilities consistently growing while the prices are steadily going down. Besides, it doesn't require a high-end device to play in an online casino. With most people carrying smartphones around, the popularity of online gaming is something that seems quite inevitable.


You can play anywhere at any time

Online gambling is something one would likely choose to occupy moments of idleness while standing in line or commuting. With smartphones, there are no limitations on where and when one can play. Having nothing to do, people pick their activities spontaneously, and visiting an online casino is a perfect way to fill a spare moment of time and relieve boredom, replacing it with a bit of thrill and excitement of playing.


The arrival of 5G tech

One of the obstacles holding back mobile entertainments in the past was the low quality of mobile internet and limited coverage. It can be quite frustrating to lose the signal in the middle of a game or being unable to play due to the low speed or unstable connection. The situation has significantly improved since then, and with the arrival of 5G, we are heading into a new era of mobile gaming. The 5G infrastructure is already being deployed in Europe and in a couple of years, it will demonstrate its full potential.


The variety of games

While not so long ago the selection of casino games one could play online was frustratingly limited, the current boom in online gambling has spurred the leading gaming producers, including NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, etc., to spin out hundreds of new titles every year. With this huge variety and abundance of games, there is something for everybody.


The quality of games

Another factor holding back the online gambling industry in the past was the quality of games, most of which followed basic patterns of the simplest casino staples. Not in the least, the simplicity of games was dictated by the limited capabilities of early mobile devices. Now with technical limitations removed, the gaming world is flourishing with vibrant graphics and advanced gameplay, with standard three-reel slots replaced by complex and inventive masterpieces featuring elements of the quest, crisp visuals, and sound effects. And this, in turn, propels the popularity of online gambling, attracting people who never played before.


Phasing out Flash

A serious handicap haunting online gambling at its early stages was the Flash technology traditionally used to create dynamic web content that had serious compatibility and security issues. Recently, Flash has been eventually phased out, replaced by the HTML5 standard that works perfectly well across a wide spectrum of devices and browsers, at the same time providing game developers with significantly more creative options and opportunities.


Changing mindset

If previously online gambling had a certain stigma of illicit activity, with many gambling sites being sketchy and unreliable, now it's perceived as an innocuous way to pass time, with more and more people choosing it as a favorite leisure activity. With the advanced technology, near-total mobile network coverage, available and cheap smartphones bringing gaming within a reach of one's fingertips, at any place and time, there are no boundaries capable of impending the victorious march of online gambling.


The bottom line

Mobile gambling is a vibrant aspect of this brave new world, and it's here to stay. Maybe it's time to try?

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