Alpha-Po and Big Game Solutions Join Forces


Big Game Solutions is pleased to announce its partnership Alpha-Po Coinspaid which is a leading payment crypto solution provider.  The collaboration will bring together Alpha-Po's secure and efficient payment solutions with Big Game Solutions' innovative software solutions, providing online casino players with a seamless and safe gaming experience.

The partnership will see Alpha-Po Coinspaid integrate its cutting-edge payment technology  into Big Game Solutions' platform, offering players a fast, secure and convenient payment option for their online gaming transactions. Alpha-Po's payment solutions will provide Big Game Solutions' users with the ability to make instant, secure and convenient crypto payments eliminating the need for traditional payment methods.

With this partnership Big Game Solutions aim to lead the way in the online gaming industry in which they provide players with a secure and efficient payment option. 

By accepting cryptocurrency payments online casinos can bypass the need for legalization and licensing requirements. This saves time and resources, allowing casinos to focus on developing their software and providing an enjoyable gaming experience to their customers. The legalization of online-casinos is important for the buyers of software as this helps them to make transactions without hesitation of the legal process.

Alpha-Po CoinsPaid:
"We are excited to partner with Big Game Solutions and bring our payment solutions Coinspaid to their online gaming platform,"
"By combining our cutting-edge payment technology with Big Game Solutions' innovative software solutions, we are able to provide online casino players with a seamless and safe gaming experience."

Mark Xander, Head of Account Management at Big Game Solutions, said:
"Big Game Solutions is committed to providing our players with the best possible online gaming experience, and our partnership with Alpha-Po is a key part of this," 
"The simplified process of legalization is a major benefit for the buyers of software, allowing them to enter the market with ease."

About Alpha-Po: Alpha-Po is a leading payment crypto solution provider that offers secure and efficient payment solutions for a variety of industries. The company is committed to providing its clients with the latest technology and innovative solutions to simplify and enhance their payment process.


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