EveryMatrix goes to Miami

EveryMatrix goes to Miami

  A few days ago, EveryMatrix announced that it had completed the deal to add Armadillo Studio to its main production. This allowed for a large-scale investment of the iGaming concern to expand the development and production capabilities of products in the United States. Most likely, the company's headquarters will be located in Florida.

   The main direction of the Armadillo studio is the development of products for online casinos that are maximally adapted to the US domestic market. The joint work of the operating and executive director will undoubtedly give a lot of positive results, which will help to significantly increase the localization of production and provide US citizens with new jobs. R. Hajduk and D. Stoveld are actively looking for qualified, experienced developers, programmers, designers in order to expand the company's capabilities in the production of intellectual products that improve the attractiveness and quality of online casino slots. Right now, additional personnel are being recruited to expand the production capabilities of the concern.

  Razvan Haiduc started his work began his career as a developer at iSoftBet where he proved himself to be an excellent specialist. Five years later, he already held several senior positions in the EveryMatrix corporation, which speaks of his high competence. David Stoveld is undoubtedly one of the best known casino slot machine manufacturers. He participated in the development of casino slots for such well-known companies as Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Kalamba Games and Scientific Games, which allowed him to establish himself as an excellent developer of logic programs.

   EveryMatrix spokesperson Ebby Grose, CEO of the new development group, says the corporation is happy to localize manufacturing in the United States, thus creating new jobs. New investments will expand the range of offers for casinos on the domestic market of the country, taking into account today's needs of gamblers. The presence of such masters as Razvan and David in the new team instills confidence in the success of the enterprise, a quick return on investment. There is a great hope to become the top slot machine providers for online casinos in the USA by 2023.

   A short interview with the president of the corporation Erik Nyman made it possible to find out what hopes the management has in connection with the localization of development and production in the United States. For many years there has been a great need to expand the production of casino games for the country's domestic market. In addition, the president reacted positively to the fact that David Stoveld became a creative leader, and Razvan Haiduc took on all the difficulties of organizing production.
Today, the US market is the most promising for developers and manufacturers of modern slots, which allows you to look confidently into the future. The headquarters in the United States of such a giant reduces the time it takes for management to react to any problems. The invested funds are likely to quickly begin to pay good dividends. Armadillo games promise to quickly take the highest positions in the popularity rating.

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