First gambling conference in 2021 is going to be held by SIGMA Europe

First gambling conference in 2021 is going to be held by SIGMA Europe

The company announced it will change the dates of Malta-based show from November to February 2021.
SIGMA Group planned to hold the Europe summit in Malta in November 2020, for the dates from 17th to 19th, but unfortunately, after having a dispute, they had to make a notice about its postponement. That means the show will be opened only the next year in 16-18 of February, becoming instead the first big-scale event of the gaming industry in 2021.

Such decision should have been made because of the tensed worldwide situation and unpredictable developments of the epidemiological situation with COVID-19 and corresponds to Malta’s health authorities’ recommendations so that they can ensure the safety of the event attenders. Eman Pulis said this: “The conference SIGMA 2020 had to be launched this November, the show was already in a sold out, we couldn’t wait for the presentations, but the COVID-19 had another plan for us. Because of that we made up our mind and decided on postponing the event for 3 month. I feel grateful to all the exhibitors who agreed with moving the schedule with SIGMA. I look forward to the upcoming dates and possibility to welcome you all with my arms wide open”.

The founder of the company cannot wait for the start of offline events, but also understands the position and reasons why they cannot do such egoistic things.

SIGMA Group keeps in top priority the well-being and health stability of all the participants of the exhibitions, from guests to those who are in charge of organizing the event. That became the main motivation to change the dates to 2021 which are in line with expected exhibitions across America and Asia.
But, luckily, this will have no influence on upcoming digital events of SIGMA, like excursion to the overview of Latin-American market which will be held this September from 22nd to 24th, or summits in October representing the Med industries and their components.
So, the order of events will be set like that: the first is going to be the SIGMA Europe (February 2021), then its Asian department (May 2021), American office (September 2021) and back to European department (November 2021). All these summits are aimed at establishing the position in the industry and opening up new possibilities. And the base is decided to be established in Malta as one of the most convenient locations, as it offers undeniable benefits for companies of gaming specialty. Such base will have great perspectives for future and for SIGMA directly it will help to maintain the reputation of being a part of iGaming hub which has grand influence on the gaming industry.

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