Live dealer casinos market review 2020

Live dealer casinos market review 2020

Lately, there's a lot of talk about online gambling. This market niche originally boosted by recent technological achievements and innovations is gaining momentum, further propelled by new ideas and creativity of casino operators. The newest fad aimed to bring back the social component to virtual gambling is the live dealers. 

The important trend in gambling

Judging by the recent trends, gambling businesses missing the live dealer bandwagon risk to find themselves out in the cold. The virtual casino universe keeps drastically reshaping, starting with the introduction of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other popular games in the live format, to the delight of gamblers across the globe. 

According to H2 Gaming Capital, live dealer casinos generate $1.2 billion annually. Other surveys indicate that this sector accounts for 25% of all online gambling revenues.

As we will see later, these numbers are poised to grow further.

Live dealer casino benefits

The era of live online casinos was ushered by technological developments, specifically by the improvement in the quality of Internet connections. For example, in Asia where the quality of the Internet is notoriously superlative, live dealer games already exceed in popularity the conventional casino staples. The speed of Internet connections ensures hitchless high-resolution video streaming, even when users play several games at once. Another important aspect is the improved quality of smartphone displays, making gaming more convenient and enjoyable. 

Although the traditional online casino games are still popular among hardcore players, people are gradually getting bored of playing alone. Gambling in its core is a social experience; the Internet, on the other hand, is precisely the instrument designed to bring people together. 

According to the research by GSMA Intelligence, 72% of the world population will use the Internet as a primary tool for social interaction in 2030, compared to 53% now. The online gambling market somewhat reflects this broader trend, veering in the direction of shared gaming experience. 


Virtual casinos featuring live dealers offer a blend of gaming thrill and joy of genuine human interactions, as players can communicate with the dealer and each other. This social element makes such games distinct from other forms of online gambling. 

Target audience

Live games, in a certain sense, build a bridge between online and offline gambling. For example, in some cases, regulars can pick their favorite spots reserved for them, the way it is practiced in the traditional land-based casinos. 

This blurred boundary is beneficial in terms of attracting players of different age groups. Particularly, games with live dealers offer a more relatable experience to older players more accustomed to the buoyant and lively atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos. Those valuing traditional ways will appreciate live dealer games standing out among the numerous bleak RNG based virtual casino experiences. After all, live games recreate the spirit and ambiance of real land-based gambling facilities. 


On the other hand, for younger generations, it's an opportunity to cross the proverbial bridge in the opposite direction. Young people who grew up in the world dominated by online virtual experiences are likely to have never had a chance to visit a genuine traditional casino. Online casino games featuring live dealers give them an option to experience something novel, within the familiar framework of the digital world. 

Another important factor is growing players' skepticism towards online gambling site algorithms. Indeed, while the obscure workings of the computer software can naturally cause doubts in regard to its fairness and impartiality, the live dealer games are much more open and transparent, eliciting players' trust. 

Games featuring live dealers are currently present in multiple casinos around the world, particularly in Asia, where this form of leisure is highly popular. 

Glimpse into the future

Two promising developments in online gambling are the increasing application of cutting edge tech and the burgeoning variety of games. The advance of real-time streaming and high-end computer graphics make it possible to recreate the unique atmosphere of real casinos, and the live gaming sector is bound to experience tremendous growth in popularity.


Running a live game studio is more expensive than maintaining a regular software-based online casino, which usually limits the number of live games to about a dozen or less. On the other hand, these resource-related constraints motivate casino owners to be more creative. In fact, top of the line gambling sites are characterized by the number of innovative ideas and non-standard approaches they offer. Case in point, Ezugi, a company specializing in live gaming has made its name by radically reinventing the gaming process. 

Final thoughts

Any conversation about the live gambling market inevitably invokes the name of Ezugi, founded in 2012 by gaming industry veterans. 

Ezugi has successfully capitalized on the rapidly growing popularity of live gambling. Although a stellar start doesn't always guarantee success in the long run, the company's focus on quality and scrupulous business practices made it stand out among the competition. 

What really makes Ezugi creme of the crop though is that it has introduced creative ideas beyond the scope of both online and offline gambling practices. Besides such ubiquitous items as live Blackjack and Live Roulette, Ezugi has rolled out a series of features based on popular board games and gaming TV shows, exploring new options outside the boundaries of conventional perception of gambling. 


Games with live dealers are poised to shape the future of online gambling, and those keen and competent aren't likely to miss out on this innovation, the most consequential since the invention of playing cards and dice.

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