Progressive sportsbook supplier BETBY became allies with Biggame Solutions


Recent years become more and more rich on the news of collaborations between casino and betting companies, which have a great potential for multiplied success. One of the latest dream unions became sportsbook solution of BETBY and Biggame Solutions Software that made exited a lot of users. For now the companies expanded their area of influence and are able to offer bets for around 600 000 sport events during one year, and these options are possible for the audience of both sources. Moreover, that is not the limit, because the companies also plan to include more and more sport kinds and events into their database. And this collaboration seems quite promising, as their growth statistics from year to year experience rapid paces for becoming a real hit in betting market.

It is also interesting to note that for Biggame Solutions such step means widening the range of the portfolio possibilities and being not only high-ranked casino provider, but also a provider for sport betting source, which means more influence and recognition on the worldwide market.

That is how the Chief Executive Officer of BETBY, Leonid Petrovskiy commented on the contract: “The main goal of our company is to be the dynamic and disruptive partner who wants the colleagues around to be closely aligned to the same goals with us, and we are looking forward to further collaborations to expand and become open to new markets or products”.

 Head of Account Management of Biggame Solutions Marat Xander wished to say the next words: “We are pleased to ally with BETBY, as their innovations stand out a lot and bring the whole new level of betting industry, so it is really exciting to stand by their side and go together to the path ahead”.

According to some early predictions, this union surely has a great impact on the companies in particular and gambling and betting business as a whole. The collaboration attracted many people, and, judging from the surveying, the emotions are mainly positive about the general experience. These news prove that the decision for concluding a contract was highly beneficial, and both of the companies already reach the new achievements in their careers.