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BigGame Solutions presents poker functionality in partnership with Stretch Network

BigGame Solutions presents poker functionality in partnership with Stretch Network

BigGame Solutions, a casino software provider, proudly announces a strategic alliance with Stretch Network, a popular online poker platform. Thanks to this collaboration, BigGame Solutions platform gains multifunctional poker capabilities, offering clients and their players a wide range of poker games, tournaments, and educational materials.

As a result of this collaboration, BigGame Solutions now provides a broad selection of poker games previously unavailable on the platform, such as: 

  • Texas Hold'em, 
  • 4-card Omaha, 
  • 5-card Omaha, 
  • 6-card Omaha, 
  • 7-card Omaha, 
  • 6+ Hold'em, 
  • Badugi. 

Each of these games has its own unique rules and features, ensuring an exciting and varied gaming experience for players of all skill levels. A wide range of tournaments and games from Stretch Network is now also available on the BigGame Solutions platform, allowing players to compete with other participants and vie for enticing prizes. The platform's intuitive interface facilitates participation in these events and caters to the needs of players with varying levels of experience.

To cater to the needs of poker players, both beginners and experienced, BigGame Solutions now offers a comprehensive set of educational materials and guides on its platform. Instructions for each of the games, as well as useful tips and strategies for winning, are available to everyone. The platform's support team is always ready to help with answers to emerging questions or resolving issues that players may encounter.

The joint work with Stretch Network has successfully supplemented the BigGame Solutions platform with poker features, providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits and tools right on the platform. The collaboration between BigGame Solutions and Stretch Network is an important milestone for online poker enthusiasts. By adding poker rooms, tournaments, and educational materials for players of different experience levels, this partnership guarantees many hours of exciting games and thrilling moments. 

About BigGame Solutions: 

BigGame Solutions is a leading casino software developer, offering innovative solutions for the gambling industry. With a focus on outstanding customer service and advanced technologies, BigGame Solutions helps its clients achieve success and grow in the competitive field of online games. 

About Stretch Network: 

Stretch Network is a popular online poker platform offering players a variety of poker games, tournaments, and educational materials. Focusing on a convenient interface and qualified support service, Stretch Network strives to provide a comfortable and exciting gaming experience for players at all skill levels.

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