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Real money in virtual reality - isn't that a pretty penny?
There is no need to leave the house and this is a cozy company of three - a casino player, his device and internet connection are enough to try his luck.
The statistics tell us that the online casino business is flourishing, invading new virtual territories. By 2030, it is expected to have grown even more. The crypto bull run in 2021 boosted interest in gaming, introducing the world to the term “crypto casino.”
With online casinos being a solid business model, many entrepreneurs are looking to participate.
The most common challenges that occur are:
technical capacity issues;
game licensing;
Finding a decent software provider;
Attracting players.
The major consideration here is the responsibility of the casino owner, yet players are a completely different story. They can't be controlled, and they give their feedback according to their gaming experience. To keep the players satisfied, research what visitors enjoy most.
Roulette games are highly popular among online high-rollers.

What’s so Special About Roulette?

The history of gambling is vague since evidence of these activities can even be found from ancient times. The history of roulette is different. The wheel mechanism that either makes a player rich, or go broke, was first introduced in the 17th century, and it soon gained enough popularity for further expansion. This took place first in casinos in France, then — all over Europe. Despite all the legal challenges waged against gambling, the roulette wheel never ceased to spin. Its popularity is evident — even in the Internet era, this game is present and in great demand among online casino players. Here’s why it is among the best casino games:
The Rules:Though there’s a slight difference between American roulette and European, the task is simple: to pick a number or a color.
It’s guesswork, and many newbies choose roulette because of this.
The Stakes:Whether it’s a play for high stakes or low, the game is on. This is another attractive feature — a player almost always has a chance to participate, even with $1 in their pocket.
Multiple StrategiesThere are many variations of how-to-win systems, so it’s only a matter of personal choice, and casinos can’t manipulate this.

Diversity of Online Roulette

If you’re thinking about implementing roulette software into your online casino, Learn the characteristics of the game:
The style of table layout could be single-zero or double-zero
The rules of conduct during the game
Specific rules
Betting limits
The classics of roulette — the three most popular types:
Among the most widespread Roulette varieties are the following
European Roulette
It’s a 37-sectioned wheel that is randomly numbered from 1 to 36 and one zero. The RTP of European Roulette is 97.3%.
American Roulette
The above-mentioned table-style layouts make sense because American Roulette has two zeros and 38 numbers instead of 37. The RTP of American Roulette is 94.74%.
French Roulette
The French wheel has one zero pocket and a bit different layout. It’s distinctive because of the “La Partage” rule. It means that a player takes half of their bet back, even if the ball lands on a zero pocket. “En prison” rule — if it was an “outside bet,” the player loses because of the “zero.” Again, they can take half of the bet back or use it. These types of roulettes at online casinos meet the requirements of any category of player, amateur or professional.

Online Casino + Roulette = High Profits

Don’t think twice — roulette games are the best option for your own personal Las Vegas.  
Make use of our  gambling software for your online casino that is licensed and bugs free  — and reap the benefits of the creative process wherever you are, while the rest is under the control of the experts.


Best Online Roulette Providers

With computer-like smartphones, software providers lost no time in adapting their games to the iOS and Android ecosystems. Based on our experience, here’s a list of the best roulette software suppliers. Take your time and decide on the one you like the most for your online casino.
We work only with trusted sources that provide top-level software:
a numbering roulette scheme; Roulette statistics on numbers that are hot and cold — do they win frequently or not at all?; The chips go from 0.1 to 1000. Additionally, players have access to the statistics about "hot" and "cold" numbers - the frequency with which different roulette sectors win. The "Open Racetrack" feature allows the players to take a more detailed look at the wheel number positioning scheme. To put down bets players use chips denominated from 0.1 to 1000....
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atra is famous for. This online roulette software is created by a studio that is particularly attentive to a player’s peace of mind. Belatra offers a simple yet detailed design, high-quality sound effects, and the ability to remove the revolving roulette image from the screen. But few would want to — the graphics are fantastic! To take matters into their own hands, the players can spin the roulette wheel themselves. The roulette game software is translated into 11 languages....
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an roulette that is a visual treat. An almost life-like experience can be topped off with the illusion of three dimension graphics in the slots. The minimum bet is $3, and the maximum is $500 for a spin. The roulette game software is reliable, and many casinos are happy to work with this studio. For an old-school casino experience mixed with new technology, you should offer your clients live-play casinos. Here’s a list of trusted roulette game software that offers live play: ...
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Additionally, we work with providers of roulette solutions, in which players can play live with dealers in real-time.
Among them are such studios as:
Asia Live Tech
This online casino roulette software supplier operates via their casino license partners based in Cambodia. It started in 2011 and is one of the best in the Asian market. A player has to switch on the live broadcast of the roulette and can enjoy the experience with a human croupier.
Viva Gaming
This is another roulette game software supplier that has an excellent reputation in live casino experience. Players can choose a roulette dealer and communicate with each other. There are 27 languages available!
Lithuanian online roulette software can be hosted in any online casino in the world. It’s super-safe for sensitive user data details; this studio also offers a great variety of languages and currencies.

Our Roulette Offer

Contact us, and we’ll guide you through the jungles of the iGaming industry. We ensure you get the following:
A Large Selection of Games
The best online roulette software is waiting for you, fully licensed and ready to use. Graphics, sound, and special bonuses — all of these are at the top level. Sometimes players try to hack the system with different roulette analyzers — you need not worry. The providers of such roulette software are only making money off the gamblers and don’t care about the quality of their products.
Licensing is a stumbling block for many online casino opening. To use payment systems and to work with reliable game and software suppliers, it’s a must to have a license. Let us lift this weight from your shoulders by providing you with valid permission for your gambling activity.
Types of Payment
Security is crucial in a digital world. We make sure our gaming platform has payment systems installed beforehand. They are safe to use internationally. If you are a resident of a country that has restrictions against online gambling, we can offer our solution based on cryptocurrency transactions.
Should you have any questions about a platform with roulette games, contact us, and our consultants will do their best to resolve your issue.

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With our intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can customize the platform’s settings. To control all the activities on a website has never been that simple!

Online Roulette Software for Sale

Our prices allow you to embark on your online business with affordable initial investments. Buy our product during regular sales and get discounts and bonuses. We also care about prices for roulette games and make it possible for you to purchase top-quality software at a minimum price.

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