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Lately, online casinos became one of the most popular Internet businesses and, according to forecasts, their popularity is only going to grow, at least during the next 5 years.

Apart from organizational and technical issues, such as payment system integration and licensing, the most challenging problem for the casino owners is how to make their online project attractive.

One of the key ingredients of a successful casino is the presence of popular games, and online roulettes hold the leading position by popularity among players

Why the roulette wheel is so popular?

The Roulette made its first appearance in the gambling parlors of France several centuries ago and during the following years gained tremendous acclaim and became a popular gambling staple. In modern times, it also became an inalienable component of the online casinos. The rules of the game changed many times throughout its history; what remained constant though was unwavering popularity it had and has now among both professional and amateur gamblers. There are many reasons for its tremendous appeal the chief among which are the following:
Simple rulesThe simplicity of the game - a player has to guess the winning number - can be extremely attractive to those who are new to gambling.
No constraints on the size of wagersThere is no need to place huge bets to feel the thrill of this game. Although it's always an option. A players' bets can be as small $1 and as big as the player can afford.
A large number of winning strategiesA player can use different approaches and formulas to maximize his or her chances to win.

Online Roulette Game Types

Roulette games, in general, can vary based on such criteria as:
Roulette table layout
Rules of players' behavior during the game
Presence of special rules
Bet range
Among the most widespread Roulette varieties are the following
European Roulette
The wheel is divided into 37 sectors (numbers from 1 to 36 and zero) The numbers are arranged randomly.
American Roulette
The game has a different scheme of number positioning on the wheel, also the wheel contains two zeros. The RTP of American Roulette is 94.74% compared to 97.3% in European roulette. Considering these differences it can be assumed that French and European Roulettes are a good fit for beginners while American roulette would suit more experienced players.
French Roulette
It differs from the European Roulette by the layout for outside bets. Another difference is the La Partage rule implying that in case of zero players who have placed 'even money'—high-low, even-odd, red-black—bets lose only part of their wagers. This effectively cuts the house edge in half increasing the players' RTP.

Start your own Casino Business with Roulette Games

Launching an online casino is a way to reap high profits in a short time. Especially, if your casino features roulette.

Building a gambling platform from scratch is difficult and it takes time. You will need to find the fitting software as well as to go through a bureaucratic rigmarole of the licensing process.

Best Roulette Providers

Most of the online roulette game developers make sure that their software works equally well on both laptops and smartphones. Before you decide on the specific product your online casino will feature you need to take a close look at what the gambling market has to offer. We provide roulette software from the leading producers in the industry, such as:
This company offers online variations of the American Roulette. The distinguishing feature of the games made by this studio is that the gaming screen is divided into two parts with the bottom one showing the betting table, where players can place their wagers. The top part shows a 3D image of a roulette wheel posted on a massive glass support. Also, a user can select one of the five available tunes to play during the game. Additionally, players have access to the statistics about "hot" and "cold" numbers - the frequency with which different roulette sectors win. The "Open Racetrack" feature allows the players to take a more detailed look at the wheel number positioning scheme. To put down bets players use chips denominated from 0.1 to 1000.
This studio is distinguished by the special attention it pays to the details. Its games feature minimalistic design - nothing distracting the players from the gaming process. It's even possible if needed to switch off the view of the roulette wheel. It's also remarkable that the player can spin the roulette himself using the cursor or touchscreen.
This game developer made a reputation producing games with top-quality graphic design. The visuals are thought through to the smallest details such as the roulette wheel made of wood with a chrome-plated handle, adorned by various metal decorations and features. To put down a bet a player has to click or tap a chosen sector. After each round, the game displays a close-up of the winning pocket with the ball in it.
Additionally, we work with providers of roulette solutions, in which players can play live with dealers in real-time.
Among them are such studios as:
Asia Live Tech
The gaming process is based on live broadcasts hosted by the professional girl croupiers.
Viva Gaming
A weathered game studio that began its ascent as far back as 2005. Its solutions feature live games where players can choose a roulette dealer and play with him or her exclusively. Also, its software features a chat where players can interact with each other.
Hailing from Lithuania this company currently ships gambling software worldwide. The software of this company supports multiple languages and currencies and is also distinctive by its high level of user data protection.

Our Roulette Game Features

Contact us and you will rid yourself of those headaches. By choosing our company you get the following:
A large selection of games
We offer the best roulette software designed by the leading game studios. All of the games are licensed. You will get the roulette software that works and works spectacularly.
To run a casino you need a license. Without a license, you cannot legitimately use online payment systems as well as you won't be able to work with certified casino game suppliers. We can simplify the licensing process for you by providing you with the already existing valid license.
Payment systems
Our gaming platform is shipped with a selection of pre-installed payment systems each of them complying with international standards and ensuring the high level of transaction security. We also guarantee the protection of users' personal data. Our platform supports both traditional fiat payments and cryptocurrency transactions. The latter makes it possible to run a casino based on our solution even in the countries restricting gambling-related financial activities.
Our goal is to make our clients succeed. We want their online businesses to work without a hitch, bringing stable profits. To achieve that we provide technical support. If you have questions regarding the platform configuration or any other aspects of its work you can contact our consultant who will answer any questions or solve any problems that may occur.

BGS Casino Management System

Our software features an intuitive user-friendly interface allowing you to customize and configure all the platform settings as well as it provides a simple and convenient way to control the activities on the site.

Online Roulette Software for Sale

Our software is reasonably priced allowing you to set up your online business with minimum initial investments. Plus, we conduct regular sales and offer discounts and bonuses. We will also give you an opportunity to buy games from leading producers at a minimum price.

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