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How a White Label Sportsbook Betting Platform Can Work for You

BGS Sportsbook is one of the industry’s leading white-label betting software providers. It provides all the tools you need to launch a web-based gambling venue successfully. The platform was established to give budding sportsbook businesses an opportunity to be profitable and keep on growing. It’s also a platform that keeps the interests of sports betting fans in mind.
Using the BGS Sportsbook platform, you can implement various effective solutions. It comes in the form of white-label sportsbook software or a web-based casino. You can mix and match any of these features and pick the components that best suit your needs. You can get your white-label sports betting platform up and running in no time.

A Closer Look at a Very Profitable Option

Stats & Facts
The innovative platform provides solutions that encompass a wide variety of sporting events, including e-sports.

A Closer Look at a Very Profitable Option

Importance of Online Betting
The sportsbook niche is steadily growing, thanks to the rising popularity of mobile betting and several other contributing factors. Almost every iGaming brand aims to merge the casino experience with sports betting. Online betting keeps you in touch with your favorite sports and teams, so the immersion and involvement of the players grow. The casino side of things boosts returns and white-label sports betting compliments the gaming experience. This, of course, further reinforces the importance of a multi-function platform. What makes us so sure that right now is a good time to become a sports betting platform? The betting sector is growing in scope and popularity, and many gamblers prefer betting on their favorite teams instead of testing their luck on roulette or other casino games. According to some articles, the market is expected to surpass the $110 billion mark in 2026. It’s important to note that almost all articles with predictions state that the percentage of sports betting will increase and reach over 40 percent of all bets. Some forecasts say that by 2028, more people will bet on sports than will play casino games.
Starting from Scratch
Do you really need white-label sportsbook providers? Can’t you just start from scratch on your own? In order to develop a genuinely innovative and quality sports betting website, you’ll need experienced and reliable partners to help you navigate the process. There are just so many intricacies related to software requirements, licensing, and other things that they would eventually drive you to hire an entire team of managers, developers, and analysts. Building your own sportsbook is an almost pointless exercise in terms of money management. If you want to start from scratch, it will take you at least one full year before you’ll be able to launch a quality product and gain customer trust.

Buying a Readymade Platform

If you don’t have much experience in the world of building, launching, and managing betting platforms, think hard. Purchasing a readymade platform is a great way to save time and money as you propel your business to success. A readymade system might prove to be faster and more flexible. On top of that, there are other advantages to be enjoyed, including:
Cutting costs. No need to hire additional employees and drawn-out negotiations with payment venues can be avoided.
Fast deployment. Instead of spending a year getting ready, you will be ready in a few weeks.
Reliability. You will have not only the software but also the knowledge and experience of a crack team of experts.

... and that’s why you should consider purchasing a readymade solution. Here’s what you should look for in a future white-label betting partner:

  • Flexibility. If their white-label sports betting solution is not flexible and able to adapt to a variety of business needs, you should think twice before committing.
  • Additional services. Customer support, designers, risk management team, etc.
  • Cost. The cheapest option is not always the best in terms of ROI. Pick an option that fits your budget.

What a Good White-Label Betting Platform Offers

BGS can help build a best-in-class white label solution based on the latest IT technology. Here are the advantages:
Huge sporting events, 1,200+ markets, and 6 types of odds.
In-plays and pre-match betting.
Betting bonuses, including cashback and free bets.
Live broadcasts in HD.
Fully integrated with a casino.
Thanks to full cryptocurrency support.

Risk Management for a White Label Sportsbook

Our software is fully integrated with Betsy, a leading odds provider that also offers managed trading services (MTS). It’s something that helps sportsbook businesses safeguard their investments. Risk management includes:
Monitoring suspicious activity
Responsible gambling
Bonus abuse reporting
Fraud prevention
Betting activity monitoring

Higher Level of Flexibility for Your White-Label Sportsbook Solution

Our sportsbook software solution inherited all the best traits of our casino platform:
Account management
Player segmentation
Financial responsibility
Bets management

Developing Marketing and Bonus Policies

Deploying a technically faultless white-label sportsbook solution with the best sports betting software is not always enough. There is a clear need to develop a sound marketing strategy. It usually begins with how you position your business.

Among all the features and tools used to attract new players, there’s nothing that works quite as effectively as bonuses. So be sure to remember to broaden your arsenal of marketing tools to offer more different bonuses.

How to Launch a White-Label Sports Betting Platform: Key Takeaways

Of course, a cutting-edge technology-powered white-label sportsbook solution comes with a price tag. It might seem like a colossal investment for a relatively small business. However, the investments are worth it because building your own sportsbook is an inferior business decision.


Just to reiterate, here are the key advantages:


  • Appropriate licensing
  • Multiple payment methods are available right away, including the most popular payment gateways
  • Best odds feeds with fast odds delivery
  • Flexibility, 24/7 support
  • Every popular betting market covered
  • Great risk management
  • Ability to quickly develop a bonus strategy and a marketing plan that works (through social media marketing, SEO, social media ads, email marketing, etc.)
  • The same accounts/funds used for gambling and sports betting

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