BGS Casino Management System

Online casinos proved to be lucrative web enterprises, and every year the number of gamblers increases, spurring entrepreneurs to supply the demand and driving competition.
Management Tools for All Casino Operations
BGS provides a number of instruments allowing you to efficiently manage an online casino. Among them are:
Control and Monitoring
This tool allows a casino owner to keep an eye on all the activities on the platform and assess whether it performs efficiently. The management is done via an intuitive and user-friendly interface adapted for use on both laptops and mobile devices.
Deposits and Withdrawals
Your system may contain a selection of payment methods, including debit and credit cards, digital wallets, etc. The money transfer control tool allows you to track all the transactions identifying potential problems and evaluating the size of the cash flow.
Gaming Management
We provide games with high-quality graphics produced by reliable and licensed casino game developers.
Player Management
The site owner can track all the user activities and, if necessary, ban troublesome users. Apart from that, the system allows to manage subscriptions and organize promo campaigns.
The tool allows you to set up and customize bonus programs. Bonuses stimulate casino visitors to play more and boost your customers' loyalty.
Jackpot Management
The system allows to fine tune all the settings of the games featuring in the online casino such as the size of jack pots and much more
Tournaments Management
The system makes it easy to organize tournaments and competitions, setting event schedules and winners' rewards.
BGS Back Office Benefits
The BGS management system can become an indispensable assistant for both new to the game and experienced casino owners.
All the software we install and integrate comes from the reliable and licensed providers of the gambling software.
Proven Technology
In the course of our career, we created many excellent projects. The methods and technologies we use proved many a time to be reliable and effective, capable of delivering successful results in a short time.
We use an individual approach to each of our clients. Getting down to work on your project, our specialists will first discuss and clear out all the specific nuances of your business and take them into consideration during subsequent stages of project development.

Powerful Marketing Tools
Marketing strategies we use - including advertising, promo campaigns, and much more - never failed to attract new clients and boost the loyalty of the existing ones.

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