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Casino and gambling startups are a good way to invest your funds and efforts. With the right management and development, your business could become a profitable entertainment enterprise on the market.

Casinos and their associated software are often considered to be something complicated, and there are still people out there who think the whole business is illegal. Indeed, with all the legal restrictions and regulations, it can be challenging to run such a business in almost any country, especially using traditional finance operations. The latest popular trend in the gambling sphere is cryptocurrency payments (such as using Bitcoin and installing Bitcoin software) with online turnkey casino platforms.

Bitcoin Casino Platforms: What Are They?

These casinos support cryptocurrencies as the main form of payment and withdrawal. With these platforms, you will get:
Currencies VarietyThere are many “online currencies” available on the internet. Our platforms let you and your clients use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others — this source roster of accessible E-Coin software will expand even further in the future!
Language DiversityThe user interface can be displayed in different languages. These features let your platform reach gamblers from all over the world.
Deposits, Withdrawals, and Other Payments MethodsThe wide range of financial options and services grants your customers freedom of choice by letting them pick the most suitable option for their needs. Bitcoin is the new dollar!
Multiple Devices SupportThe platform can be launched on any accessible mobile device or OS — laptops, smartphones, or computers.

Platform Configuration

The main problem with running BTC casino sites is that they all look and function in the same way: a few different colors here and a few design tweaks there, but the end result is something that looks like it has been copied and pasted from elsewhere. To be unique, you should use maximum customization possibilities.
At BGS, we offer you a fully customizable user interface and bespoke games and software. Shape them and change them however you want to meet your needs, and make the right casino design choices prior to release.
Years of professional casino experience made us experts in this kind of brand design. Ask us to make one, and we will guarantee quality, communication, and transparency at each stage of development. Colors, logos, slogans, naming, software, and presentation — everything will be as perfect as possible. There’s no need to learn the code!
Turnkey Casino
This is a fully customizable and operative online casino platform that grants its owners control over everything and allows them to monitor all activities— financial operations, Bitcoin consultations, client interactions, and game management.
White Label Casinos
This is the best way to avoid any time-consuming activities like registration, licensing, organization, and technical difficulties. Just pick a well-trusted gambling platform and go straight to the action.

Bitcoin Casino Game Software grants you:

Legal RegistrationA license is essential when planning a casino business. Law enforcement strictly supervises casino enterprises, and qualified game developers only work with platforms that have the right documentation. And, of course, most payment systems will not be available to unlicensed businesses.
Game VarietyOnly the best game developers in the industry have the ability to provide you with a great number of games. Variety provides different mechanics, software, styles, and actions, ensuring your clients never get bored!
Slots and poker also have different forms and types. These are the most popular games in the gambling world, and no casino operates without at least one of them. They are fast, extreme, and grant big winnings. So, choose the options you prefer and use casino games and other software to deliver thrilling and memorable experiences. You can also add game content to an affiliate program.
Full Time SupportFacing problems with your casino platform? We are here for you 24/7 to help with any technical issues that crop up.
AdvertisementBGS Bitcoin casino software will help your casino with marketing and promotional activities. SEO, visibility rates, and other things that will increase the site’s traffic. Remember — you use a White Label, but you always take a leading role and represent your personal casino brand!
Easy Payments Problem SolutionsWhen arranging your own casino website, the main challenge is setting up specific payment methods and wallets for your platform. Different Bitcoin deposits and accounts are more suited to specific audience groups, and there are regional issues, such as working with various fiat currencies.
With our help, you don’t need to worry about any of these issues because we have already taken care of them and developed appropriate solutions. You will be provided with the most versatile and flexible selection of payment methods, including Bitcoin and related systems. Your clients will thank your company for the convenient experience they have on your site.
SolutionsOur expertise allows us to effectively solve those problems. We provide a solution that already includes a selection of payment systems chosen based on the likely preferences of our client's target audience. Also, we take care of all the legal and technical matters. We guarantee that the payment systems we provide are compliant with international standards, ensuring security, and user data protection.

Cryptocurrency Casino: Benefits

Here is the list of benefits that you will get with BTC casino software:
Payment OptionsAs we mentioned earlier, our platform supports various popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. With these additional payment options and modern software, your clients will have freedom of choice — in many cases; virtual currency is the best way to spend and receive funds at casinos.
PrivacyWith cryptocurrency money transfers, gamblers will stay anonymous in every situation. No card or account can be traced back to someone's identity. The privacy policy is the most important aspect of any casino hosting process!
SafetyHighly accurate blockchain software will guarantee full transaction security, unlike vulnerable flat payments.
Crypto and Bitcoin platforms now feature at the top of most rankings of popular online casinos. The main disadvantage of this kind of entertainment is the legal issues associated with it. Different countries regulate casino activities and software in different ways, so it is obvious that most gamblers would like to stay anonymous to avoid any legal problems.


We have extensive experience in promoting online casino brands with awesome games. We have various SEO and advertising instruments at our disposal. With our help, your online casino will become a trusted project with a respected image and a loyal audience. Popularity comes with trust!
If you are ready to purchase Bitcoin Casino Software, contact us via your preferred communication channel.

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