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Launching a gambling business is a worthy investment of time and money, able to bring good returns if done right.

Tax regulations, fiscal policies, and laws concerning gambling in some countries make it problematic and untenable to run such a business using fiat money. This, in turn, gave rise to the online gambling based on cryptocurrency. For such cases, we offer online turnkey casino platforms supporting cryptocurrency payments.

Bitcoin Casino Platform Includes

Bitcoin Casino is an online gambling platform supporting cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange. Bitcoin Casino platform includes the following features:
    Multiple Currencies
    Bitcoin Casino provides a wide selection of popular cryptocurrencies. The platform supports Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ethereum, the list goes on.
    Multiple Languages
    The platform user interface is translated into multiple languages, making it accessible for players across the globe.
    Payment Systems
    Our specialists will integrate a selection of payment systems most relevant for your target audience.
    Mobile Support
    The platform user interface is perfectly adapted for both laptops and mobile devices.

    Platform Customization

    Creating an original casino design can be a challenging task. In many cases, entrepreneurs use ready casino solutions with a standard set of templates. As a result, the Internet is inundated with online casinos that look exactly the same.

    Our Bitcoin Online Casino software solution features a fully customized user-interface matching our client's company style.

    Plus, we can develop an original brand design, including logo, color scheme, naming, and slogans. This will cost you less than developing your company style on your own. At the same time, we guarantee a high-quality result. After all, we spent years building online casinos.

    Turnkey Casino

    The Bitcoin Online Casino platform provides an intuitive management and reporting dashboard allowing the owner to oversee players' activities and financial operations, interact with visitors, and provide assistance via live chat.

    White Label Casino

    White Label Crypto Casino is a good choice when you want to avoid spending time on building and licensing a new casino, looking for reliable game providers and studying technical intricacies of payment processing systems. In other words, you want to get right down to business.

    With our Bitcoin Casino White Label you get:

    A license is necessary for your business to be legitimate. This is important considering that certified quality game providers work only with licensed casinos. Similarly, without a license, you cannot use payment processing systems on your platform.
    Buying our casino you get access to a vast selection of games. We work only with certified and reliable game providers, most of them are the leading companies in the industry.

    Among the popular casino games, we would like to point out slots. It's hard to imagine a gambling facility without slots, and we provide a wide variety of them. It's worth noting that slots are extremely popular among gamblers, offering a thrill of possibility to win big.
    Our 24/7 online support will help to quickly solve any problem you may encounter using our platform.
    Marketing and Promotion
    Payment systems
    Buying White Label Casino you run it under your own established brand meaning that you retain all your loyal customers. Additionally, we assist in marketing and promotion, aiming to increase your site visibility and the number of visitors.
    One of the disadvantages of building an online casino from scratch is the need to choose and integrate payment systems. First of all, it requires a clear understanding of the target audience and their preferences. Additionally, integration of each payment system requires a whole number of steps, including signing a contract with the respective payment processor provider, studying technical details and specifics of the particular system, etc.

    Our expertise allows us to effectively solve those problems. We provide a solution that already includes a selection of payment systems chosen based on the likely preferences of our client's target audience. Also, we take care of all the legal and technical matters. We guarantee that the payment systems we provide are compliant with international standards, ensuring security, and user data protection.

    Cryptocurrency Casino Benefits

    The key advantages of using the bitcoin casino solution are the following:
    In addition to the traditional fiat-based payment systems, the Bitcoin Online Casino solution includes the option of cryptocurrency settlements. We support a wide variety of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ethereum, etc.
    Money transfers in cryptocurrencies cannot be linked to user identity, as opposed to credit cards.
    The level of security of cryptocurrency transactions is determined by underlying them blockchain technology and it's significantly higher than fiat payments.

    Considering that some countries have strict laws regarding gambling activities and the fact that there are many reasons why a casino visitor may want to remain incognito, it's not accidental that casinos supporting cryptocurrency payment solutions hold top position in the online gambling sites ratings.


    We assist our clients in the promotion of their businesses, using our expertise to create effective marketing strategies. We employ various types of advertising campaigns, search engine optimization, and affiliate programs.

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