The online casino business is a good shot if you plan to do business on the Internet. With the right strategy, it will let you get a profitable enterprise with minimum initial investments. To get off the ground, your casino has to feature games popular among users. BlackJack holds the top positions in popularity ratings both among professional and amateur players. Its popularity is due to its simplicity when the player's success depends more on the sheer luck - a fortunate combination of cards - rather than on a complex and meticulously planned strategy. The top of the line BlackJack software is something that can make your casino truly successful.

One of the Most Popular Online Gambling Games

BlackJack has a long history. First invented in the XV-th century, it didn't change much up to these days. The main difference is that now the maximum number of points player can score is 21 while in earlier versions of game it was 31. In order to win, a player has to beat the dealer, in other words, to score more points than he. The overall number of players at the table is usually 7 or more. There are many variations in how the game of BlackJack is played, among them the most popular are:
American BlackJackAmerican BlackJackThis variation of the game is considered classic. The dealer reveals first card to player while second card is unknown. If the exposed card is the ace or it's ten then dealer can open second card as well. If two cards together give the winning combination game ends at this point.
European BlackJackEuropean BlackJackIn this variation, the dealer opens his second card when all the other players at the table have taken their cards. If the dealer has the right combination then the players are given their additional wagers back. The layout of BlackJack table is organized in a way making it more convenient for players to plan their next moves based on the already open cards.

Best BlackJack Software Providers

Due to the high popularity of this game, Blackjack software producers release it both for desktop computers and smartphones. Choosing the right casino games is an important step and it's crucial to make the right choice. Below we list the leaders of the BlackJack game development.
BR Softech
Starting its ascent in 2010 this company distinguished itself winning several awards as the best supplier of mobile casino applications. The company develops BlackJack software both with 2D and 3D graphics. Players can interact via a built-in chat. The company ensures that its software is user-friendly and convenient, particularly for playing in real-time.
This company is one of the pioneers of the online gambling industry. It was founded in 1994 as an online casino and from that point on released more than 850 games. The notable examples of this company's outstanding product line are European BlackHack, Perfect Pairs, Pontoon.
The company is remarkable by the crisp beautiful graphics of its games. The high-quality visuals and animation are what this company prioritizes while developing its products. The most acclaimed of its creations is BlackJack Switch. Other notable items are 21 Duel BlackJack and Progressive BlackJack - a good fit for the beginners - featuring a simple and minimalistic user interface.
This Canadian studio specializes in the BlackJack software. Their most acclaimed and popular product is Progressive BlackJack. The company's programmers outdid themselves creating a stellar top of line graphics as well as meticulously planned layout of gaming field.
The company is one of the biggest European producers of gambling software. Although the company is better known for its 3D slots, it also offers a large variety of BlackJack games. More experienced players may be particularly interested in the studio's masterpiece, BlackJack Professional. It's more complex than the games for beginners and allows to place higher bets.
Extreme Live Gaming
This new to the market but a very promising studio is quickly gaining momentum owning its growing popularity to the intuitive user-friendly interface of its games and excellent high-quality graphics.
Evolution Gaming
This producer is one of the leaders on the market of the live blackjack software. Its games feature both stunning visuals and absorbing musical score allowing the players to get fully immersed in the gameplay.

All the game developers we work with are licensed. The software they provide is adapted both for PC and mobile devices, as well as it works perfectly well on different operating systems.

Our Blackjack Game Features

Launching a gambling site makes it possible to get high profits relatively fast. But building such a project from scratch requires significant time and money investments. Apart from technical difficulties and the challenge of selecting a perfect combination of software and games relevant for your target audience, you will also face a lot of bureaucratic hurdles. To make the process of setting up an online casino easier it's better to delegate this task to the professionals. By partnering with BGS you will get a lot of benefits. Among them:
A Large Selection of GamesA Large Selection of GamesWe offer BlackJack software from the leading developers, all of them are licensed and guaranteeing the high level of quality of their products.
Live DealersLive DealersIn addition to the standard BlackJack software, we offer games with live dealers. It allows players to be fully immersed creating an illusion of playing in a real casino. The BlackJack software with live dealers is produced by Extreme Live Gaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming.

BGS Casino Management System

You will be able to monitor all the important casino activities, including players' actions and money transfers, via an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It will make it possible to fix all the potential problems early on and thus highly increase the efficiency of your online business.

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You can try any games may be interested in for free, which will help to decide what games your want to integrate into online casino. This option is available for both standard games and games with live dealers.

You won't need to spend a lot of time building your online gambling business from scratch. Contact BGS, and we will provide you with a perfectly working platform, as well as we will continue to provide support after your online casino is launched.

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