What is a casino agent system?

What is a casino agent system?

The casino agent system is an advanced casino management tool that allows operators to create a multi-level network of agents. It simplifies control over the finances of the business and provides a practical solution for user management. Including software for casino agents and bookmaking agents, our control panel covers everything you can expect from a multi-level agent system.

Whether you need software for casino agents or bookmaking agents, our user management panel includes everything necessary.

Differences from the Referral System

The casino agent system and referral system may share traits in attracting new customers, but there are key differences:

Structure and Organization

  • The casino agent system is used for land-based solutions and includes a multi-level network where agents and subagents operate under a single hierarchy and are managed centrally.
  • The referral system, by contrast, is a simpler and more linear structure where users attract other users for a reward, often without creating additional levels and sub-networks. It is most commonly used to attract players to casinos.

Financial Relationships

  • In the casino agent system, agents can make deposits and invest funds in the business, earning income from the total gaming revenue (GGR), which suggests higher and more stable earnings.
  • Referral systems often operate on a pay-per-action model (for example, for registering a new user or their first deposit) and do not require financial investment from the users.

Control and Management

  • Agents in the casino system have a certain level of autonomy, managing their network of subagents and gaming halls, which requires them to take a more active role in management and business development.
  • In the referral system, users are typically less involved in management and are limited to attracting new customers through their referral links.

Goals and Objectives

  • The casino agent system is aimed at long-term and in-depth partnership, where agents actively participate in expanding the business and promoting it.
  • The referral system is usually used for short-term stimulation of user base growth, without involving long-term commitments.

Legal Responsibility

  • Casino agents may bear more serious legal responsibility, depending on the legislation of the region and the terms of the agreement with the casino.
  • Participants in the referral program typically have fewer obligations and responsibilities to the operator.

These differences make the casino agent system more complex and multifunctional compared to referral programs, implying a more strategic and integrated approach to business development.

Advantages of the BGS Agent Platform

The agent system provides a range of innovative features to create an extensive and scalable service:

Multi-Level Hierarchy

  • A multi-level system designed for the operation of agents and subagents allows for the creation of complex hierarchical structures within the agent network.

Access Control Features

  • Agents' access rights facilitate the management process, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors in the distribution of rights.

Transparent Commission Packages

  • Agents and subagents receive favorable terms and discounts calculated from the Global Gross Revenue, ensuring clarity and transparency of financial relationships.

Real-Time Data Feed

  • Simple tracking of data ensures informed reporting and allows agents to respond promptly to changes.

KYC Module for Agents

  • The functionality for verifying client integrity as necessary, which is important for compliance with regulatory requirements and risk management.

Financial Dashboard

  • Provides access to advanced financial reports and includes an innovative ticketing system for seamless communication and support.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Monitoring cash flows and expenses is literally one click away, allowing agents to always be aware of the financial situation.

Efficient Back Office

  • Offers a clear overview of necessary data and analytics through an enhanced dashboard, which contributes to a deeper understanding of business processes.

Together, these features form the foundation for a powerful and flexible system that can adapt to various business models and scales of operations in the gambling industry. The agent system allows for the management of all aspects of the agent network, from finances to the client base, with a high level of control and analytical transparency.

Three Main Solutions for Casino Agents

The casino agent system can operate in three main directions, each with its unique advantages and designed for different business models:

Website API 

This direction allows agents to integrate sports and casino content into their websites using a scalable and practical solution. The API provides smooth integration, enabling agents to connect a variety of games and betting options to their interface, improving user experience and expanding customer attraction possibilities.


A ready-to-use solution enables agents to obtain a fully functioning platform within 48 hours. It includes all the necessary components for launching and growing a business: from gaming content and payment systems to user management and backend infrastructure. This approach is ideal for those who want to quickly enter the market without the need to develop their own software.

Retail (betshops) 

For the organization of retail business operations, such as betshops, our solution provides specialized software. This allows agents to manage physical sales points, ensuring efficient betting transactions and account management. The software is tailored for offline customer service, providing tools for transaction tracking and financial management in a real store.

Each of these directions is developed considering the specific requirements of the business and is ready to offer agents flexible and powerful tools for managing and expanding their operations in the gambling sector.

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