The world of sports betting opened thanks to the partnership between Big Game Solutions and BETSY

The world of sports betting opened thanks to the partnership between Big Game Solutions and BETSY

In the new era of digital transformation and modern technology, when we spend more and more time in the virtual world, eSports and sports betting are becoming increasingly popular. In this atmosphere of excitement and thrill, we, the team at Big Game Solutions (BGS), are pleased to announce our cooperation with BETSY, a leader in the field of betting services.

Sports and eSports Betting: A New Reality

The sports betting market is no longer limited to traditional sports. Currently, eSports betting is gaining increasing popularity. The joint work of BGS and BETSY opens new horizons for betting enthusiasts in this area. We combine our experience in premium class software development with BETSY's rich experience in the field of betting to offer our customers unparalleled opportunities in the world of sports betting and eSports.

Roles in the partnership: Harmonious Collaboration

In our partnership with BETSY, each side plays an important role. BGS takes on the responsibilities of developing premium class software for the betting platform, offering optimal solutions for user convenience and efficient platform operation.

On the other hand, BETSY applies its unparalleled experience in the field of betting, providing high-quality information based on advanced algorithms and innovative technologies, odds, analytical data, risk management, and much more.

Advantages of Using BGS Sportsbook Solution

The BGS Sportsbook solution is not just software, it's a key to successful business. Here are just a few advantages of our product:

Simplicity and Convenience

A friendly interface and intuitive navigation make using the platform as simple and convenient as possible for every user.


We use advanced encryption technologies and data protection to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of all transactions to our users.

Multiple Opportunities

Our betting platform features bets on all types of sports and eSports, giving users a wide range of choices.

Wide Range of Betting Options

In addition to the main bets, such as the victory of one of the teams or a draw, the range includes many additional betting options, such as total score, goals from individual players, card bets, and much more.

Advanced Analytical Tools

Our software includes powerful analytical tools that allow users to make informed decisions and improve their success in betting.


We at BGS are very excited about this partnership with BETSY and are confident that this collaboration will allow us to offer our clients even more opportunities in the world of sports and eSports betting. Stay with us, and together we will open new horizons in this exciting field!

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